Parental information and answers to frequently asked questions

What is the difference between on-campus and off-campus housing?
Louisiana Tech allows undergraduate and commuter students the independence of having a quiet place to live and focus on their studies, off-campus. Their living environment can greatly affect their college experience and academic success. University Crossing apartments affords your student comfortable living in a 2 or 4 bedroom apartment with resort-style amenities. University Crossing has a zero tolerance policy for any arrestable offense. Illegal drug use or the possession of illegal drugs and/or “underage” drinking will not be tolerated.

Will my student live far from Louisiana Tech?
University Crossing is located less than a quarter of a mile from campus. Many of our residents enjoy riding their bikes to and from the university.

What is the difference between renting a unit vs. renting by the bed?
All residents will be listed on the lease but you will only be responsible for your student's rent. For some students that want to live off campus, we offer a roommate matching service to assist them in finding someone with compatible interests.

What fees are there to apply?
There is a $50 application fee and a $250 non-refundable holding fee.

What costs are included in the rent and what is metered separately?
We include high-speed internet, cable TV (with HBO), water, sewer, and trash pick-up. Electricity is individually sub metered and/or billed.

When is the rent due?
As your lease describes, rent is due and payable on or before the first of every month. Late rent charges are also described in the lease. Pre-payment of the lease term is allowed.

Is payment online an option?
Yes, if you click on the "Pay Your Rent" shortcut link under "Residents", you can easily make payments on a monthly basis, or if you wish, set up recurring payments. Setting up an account also allows you to track your payment history. "Pay Your Rent" gives you control of timely payments and helps avoid late charges.

If it's broken, how do they fix it?
Another feature under "Residents", is a place for your student to submit a "Maintenance Request", so if something goes wrong, you have the peace of mind to know that once notified, our maintenance department will get the problem corrected.

Does my student need insurance?
We require all residents to get liability insurance.

What will they eat?
Most students find that they save their parents money when they are no longer on a dining plan. Many know how to cook and enjoy the convenience of grabbing something out of the refrigerator, preparing favorite meals, and hosting friends. Also, there are several food establishments close by. 

We sincerely hope you will consider University Crossing apartments as your student's place to live.