The Story Of University Crossings Mural
Next time you visit our fitness center, head down to the pool, or enjoy any of University Crossing’s other community amenities, keep an eye out for something new and exciting.

Our team at University Crossing hired Louisiana Tech art student and Ruston local RaeLynn Tedeton to transform our property’s appearance, add a touch of character, and enhance our sense of community. We’re proud to announce she’s designed and painted a vibrant mural on the building located at the heart of our community.

“Over the past few years, Ruston has had several murals painted throughout the city,” said University Crossing Community Manager Courtney Hadley. “We wanted to bring the same fun
aspects of those murals to our property.”

Hadley and the University Crossing team reached out to the Louisiana Tech School of Design, which is where they connected with Tedeton. Tedeton is a local Ruston studio artist who has already created murals in Common Goods Co. and New Beginnings Wellness Center & Spa in

According to Tedeton's website, "[her] work aims to convey ideas of culture and creative preservation by exploring relationships and traditions that dissolve or flourish over time." We’re proud to bring that goal to University Crossing where Tedeton accomplished exactly that. She said, "I think this mural is about the culture of Ruston—its landmarks and its influence are
now documented on UC's wall!" LA Tech landmarks you’ll find in the mural include the Centennial Plaza Clock Tower and The Lady of the Mist statue. “These are both locations that any Tech Student or Alum would
recognize immediately,” said Hadley.

Our team also wanted to incorporate elements of Downtown Ruston in our mural. Tedeton painted the Dixie Theater and the railroad tracks surrounding the city. The Dixie Theater is one of Tedeton’s favorite features in this piece. “It was so fun to recreate the neon star that shines so so bright in Ruston,” she said.

Along with the landmarks, the blue and orange mural—representing our brand colors—features the LA Tech Bulldog logo and several peaches. “Ruston is known for their peach festival, and that’s why our logo incorporates the peach,” said Hadley.

“This mural is a piece near and dear to my heart,” said Tedeton. “I cannot wait to create more like this. Also, it could not have been painted without the help of some very special friends, including Ron McKinney, Courtland Carey, and more.”

If you'd like to learn more about University Crossing or book a tour of the community—where you can see this mural up close and personal—contact our team today.